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Welcome to the I CAN App…

What is it? A safe, social platform for youth and educators to connect – a place to inspire and empower each other to change the world. It’s easy to use, safe, and full of positivity. In addition to sharing your ideas about the Young Entrepreneurs program, check out all the content on social justice and citizenship. Remember – doing good is good for business!

Why do we need a place to share?

Entrepreneurship is about connecting, sharing, and presenting ideas and opportunities.

This page is your page. This page is for New Brunswick Educators participating in the Young Entrepreneurs program. Your group on the I CAN App is a place for you to share ideas, experiences, and stories about you and your students’ journey through this program.


What Should You Share?

We thought we could help out a bit and give you some suggestions and best practices on what to share.

  • A great idea a student has (include a photo!)
  • Those “aha” moments when an idea comes together
  • A photo and story from a presentation
  • Completed class worksheets or activities
  • Presentation boards

Once something has been posted on the app, present it back to your classroom and encourage them to share supporting comments or ideas. A good entrepreneur is a great listener and gets a lot of ideas from other people.

How to get started

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account
  3. To create your username, use the  name of your school and your grade.  For example, for New Brunswick Elementary Grade 6 class create a user name “newbrunswickgrade6”.
  4. When you are logged in click on DISCOVER and search for “New Brunswick”
  5. Click on the “New Brunswick Young  Entrepreneurs” Campaign and JOIN the campaign
  6. Check out the content under the Read the Articles section or share your stories and engage with everyone in the Join the Conversation section!
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