A powerful platform that provides an interactive connection between youth and positive impact programs.

Delivering an Event or Program?

You have a program that inspires youth to have a positive impact. You have an audience that supports your message and is motivated to realize change.

But how do you create a a more engaged, interactive connection with your audience, improving the impact of your program or event?  How do you measure results and capture valuable feedback? Host an I CAN Campaign.

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Looking to Support Youth that are Changing the World?

The I CAN App provides businesses and organizations the opportunity to support youth in their journey to make a difference. Sponsors are a vital and appreciated aspect of the app; by sponsoring I CAN Nation, you empower youth to discover causes they are passionate about and to donate to projects that are having a positive impact around the world.

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Educating students on causes and initiatives?

As influencers, teachers are given a great responsibility to educate, prepare, and encourage our youth; this includes developing the social awareness of students. The I CAN App is a powerful tool to deliver clear, provoking information that enables students to have a positive impact. Create curriculum, projects, or groups in your school based on a social cause and be able to measure progress.

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