Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.

Be The Change

Corporate sponsorship makes it easy for your company to help change the world in the most powerful way possible; by inspiring and empowering our youth to make a difference! 

This is a chance to give back, to support youth, and have a positive impact in your community and across the globe. Sponsors are a vital and appreciated feature of the app; by sponsoring I CAN Nation, you empower youth to discover and engage with causes they are passionate about, and to donate to positive impact projects.

Our Sponsorship Programs are a great fit for any company:

  • You’re supporting youth and their I CAN Journey
  • You’re supporting education by helping us provide free programming to schools, districts, and teachers
  • You’re supporting a variety of charities in your community and around the world each month 
  • Your profile and message will be featured throughout the I CAN App, connecting daily with our members

Giving back boosts employee morale, attracts top talent, and helps define corporate identity. Sponsorship also doubles as marketing and generates positivity around your brand. Finally, and most importantly, giving back drives change outside your doors and within your organization.

How it Works

Select a sponsorship plan from below. Each plan puts you in front of our members, giving you valuable brand exposure, and supporting them as they donate to and support causes they are passionate about. A portion of your sponsorship will go directly into the I CAN App for members to donate with, while the remaining portion is used for events, technology, and program development that supports the building of the I CAN Nation.

Members earns points as they level up in the app, achieved by completing activities that encourage education, sharing, and actions resulting in positive change. By reaching new levels, members earn donation rewards that can be used to support projects and charitable organizations.

Sponsors are recognized across the app – as donors of rewards as well as in the Discover section. Corporate sponsors also have the ability to post content on the app to demonstrate how your organization is making a difference.

Sponsorship Plans

Making a difference is not only good for our world, it’s good for your business and brand. Your customers, your employees, and your community will appreciate the difference you’re helping to create. When you make a difference, you inspire our youth to make a difference. 

***all sponsorship plans are in US dollars

Gold Package / $1000 a month


  • up to $200/month towards donation rewards
  • Gold Sponsor logo in the I CAN App 
  • Change Gamers Sponsor image for your website
  • Your logo on event and community banners

Silver Package / $250 a month


  • up to $50/month towards donation rewards
  • Silver Sponsor Logo in the I CAN App
  • Change Gamers sponsor image for your website