The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.

A Powerful Platform

Inspiring youth to get involved and change their world is one of the most rewarding and thrilling opportunities we have.

The I CAN App is the platform for youth to change their world. Designed for youth ages 10-18, the app enables them to learn about causes and initiatives they care about, get involved with tangible actions and activities that create a real difference, and then socialize and share their stories and positive messages on a safe, moderated social networking platform.

You no longer need to rely on social media and its limitations. The I CAN App is a complete platform that allows you to successfully and safely execute your campaign.

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Events to Inspire

You’ve just hosted an amazing and inspiring social awareness event to a group of youth. You can feel the energy. The audience was captivated, enlightened, and is now fired up to change the world. They event is now over and they walk out the door. Now what?

The I CAN App starts where your event ends.

Too often we lose the real opportunity to connect with these youth because we aren’t able to continue the connection after the event ends. Whether you speak to global warming or protecting the environment, saving oceans or animals, bullying prevention or protecting human rights, you now need a platform to continue your message, to continue to motivate and engage your audience, and a place for them to share their stories and inspire others…all while you are able to contribute to and measure results of real change.

Campaigns to Make Change

You dedicate an enormous amount of resources to develop a program that is going to resonate with youth and result in change. You craft messages and create assets that you hope will keep your message moving forward. And then you put it out there with no true way to keep your audience engaged or to measure the results.

The I CAN App is your arena to extend the impact of your program.

It is not uncommon for impact or cause organizations to struggle with developing an ongoing connection with an audience. To date, pushing content out has been the likely way for organizations to share their message. But that approach needs to change. Audiences are looking for an engaging experience that they can share while organizations are longing for a responsive approach. And funders are looking for more substantial metrics to gauge the success of programs.

I CAN Campaigns become an ongoing story that is continually being fed new content and activities; a dedicated space where an entire audience can gather to connect with your mission, learn about your cause, and take action that results in real change.

Elements of Design

How vital is it to have your audience united in one space? How beneficial is it to not only be able to deliver program and event content, but to promote feedback and sharing? And how valuable is it to measure the actions and engagement of your audience? These factors are what set apart successful events and programs from those that just get lost in the crowd.

The I CAN App takes the Learn | Do | Share model and expands those concepts into a diverse tool kit for you to utilize to engage your audience.

Social Networking Done Safely

Youth have a voice. We give them a place to be heard. Safely.

All content is moderated in real time before it becomes live in the app. This unique feature provides a level of safety and positivity that other social platforms cannot deliver. Members can share or comment on stories, cheer on others, engage in challenges and pledges, and donate to projects without worry. Identities are protected and content must be true to the I CAN spirit – positivity that creates change.

Rewards and Incentives

There are a number of features within the app that support all that goes into a campaign. The “play” side is a points system – earn points, level up, and be rewarded – encouraging members to visit the app regularly, to engage with its content, and challenges them to improve their standing in I CAN nation. Rewards can include donation credits that they can then donate to projects and charity organizations they care about. The global leaderboard feeds the competitive spirit; why not create challenges between groups, schools, or across the country?

Members earn points for making a difference, then earn rewards to make an even bigger difference. Even the “play” side of I CAN mirrors our “positivity that creates change” spirit.

Measuring Results

Is it all working? That’s the question that impact organizations are continually asking…and rarely getting the answer to. The I CAN App provides a variety of metrics that can be used to measure success including:

  • sign-ups (members)
  • campaign follower
  • custom hashtag followers
  • likes within campaign content
  • comments within campaign content
  • posts within campaign
  • donations to campaign projects
  • campaign pledges accepted
  • campaign challenges accepted
  • campaign challenges completed

Monthly reporting will provide you visible tracking on how things are going. And we are here to help – we’ll work with you to determine what your goals are, how your campaign is performing, and what improvements could be made.

Campaign Sponsorship

We need to know a bit more about you and your organization before we talk numbers. There’s many pieces to this puzzle so…

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