The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.
– Steve Jobs

Campaigns to Make Change

Creating a connection and measurable impact with youth is hard to do. We’ve changed that.

The majority of social media channels have limitations when it comes to youth. We’ve solved this.

The I CAN App is a social networking platform connecting your audience directly to your program.

The Power of the I CAN App

Targeted: Youth audience, age 10-18
Dynamic: Pivots when needed
Measurable: Know when real impact has been made
Interactive: A conversation with your audience
Relevant: Innovative but familiar; what youth want
Safe: COPPA compliant and fully moderated

What’s an I CAN Campaign

Too often we lose the real opportunity to connect with youth. An I CAN Campaign is a complete mobile program that is created to support a message, project, or movement. It is designed to inspire, motivate, resonate, and produce results with a youth audience.

I CAN Campaigns become an ongoing story that is continually being fed new content and activities; a dedicated space where an entire audience can gather to connect with your message, resulting in real change.

An I CAN Campaign is your arena to extend the impact of your program or event. 



Introduce & reinforce your key message



Promote social interactions & sharing

Challenge Icon


Propel your audience to take action.


Rally your audience with a custom pledge.



Track your engagement
& impact

Make It Count

The Structure of an I CAN Campaign

The Strategy:
We map the journey that is going to deliver success, considering audience, content, and delivery.
The Objective:
We wrap the entire program around a theme – what is the change you want to realize?
The Follow Up:
We continue the conversation…for as long as we can.

Rewards and Incentives

The “play” side of the app is a points system – earn points, level up, and be rewarded. Rewards are transformed into donation credits that can be donated to real-world projects.

Even the “play” side of I CAN mirrors our “positivity that creates change” spirit.

Measuring Results

Is it all working? That’s the question that impact organizations are continually asking…and rarely getting the answer to. We’ve fixed this.

I CAN Campaign findings can include:

  • Activity by date or region
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Posts
  • Donations
  • Pledges accepted
  • Challenges accepted
  • Challenges completed
Reporting provides visible tracking on your campaign. And we are here to help – we’ll work with you to determine what your goals are, how your campaign is performing, and what improvements could be made.

What Does it Cost?

The I CAN App is a unique social platform that is unmatched in the youth and digital market. Strategy, development, delivery, and measurement are all included in the cost of a campaign. As your partner, we can work with you to help find a sponsor to fund your I CAN Campaign, in turn supporting their social responsibilty goals and putting their brand infront of a nation of youth. We currently have several sponsors waiting for the right campaign to get behind.

Starting at $25k/year.

Ready to connect with us?

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