Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.

Creating Leaders

You have an eager group of youth that see the world in a unique way. They are driven and passionate and dedicated to creating change in their own backyards and across borders. Issues like bullying prevention, human rights, enviironment, and mental health are all prevelant in our society and need to be addressed. Educating our youth on these issues, providing systems and support that improve the issues, and giving them a stage to share their own voice results in a rewarding experience for every one. 

But students, along with teachers and schools, struggle to find a way to acces valuable content and activities that are “tangible” – that continue to inspire them on a postive path.

The I CAN App is a destination for the classroom. It presents organized content and activities in a consumable way – giving teachers the ability to both push and pull information to deliver a social program. We provide engaging and exciting ways to bring positive social leadership into your classroom with activities and tools your students can bring home. The concept of the app is simple, yet effective:

Discover the things you care about most in the world and learn how to get involved.

Share your journey and positive thoughts to inspire and encourage others

Join campaigns and projects to make a real difference every day.

Building a Social Program

Build or deliver a social program consisting of:

  • content that educates and motivates students
  • daily and weekly challenges that result in immediate impact
  • important dates such as events or awareness days
  • requesting feedback from students
  • fundraising for projects that directly support chosen causes
  • taking pledges that strengthen awareness
  • students sharing stories to inspire others

We are committed to providing a safe learning environment – we recognize that this is a key consideration when selecting tools and resources to bring into the classroom. Find out more about our approach to safety.

Let us show you how you can use the I CAN App to develop and deliver a powerful social leadership program. Share with us your vision, your challenges, your goals – we’ll provide a path for you to follow to address all of these.

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