We. Are. Change Gamers.

change gam·er

[cheynj gey-mer]


A person who – by personality, attitude and/or influence –  is a true stand-out amongst the norm.

A person who is known for consistently making a strong effort, resulting in a measurable difference.

What started as conversations in a coffee shop has developed into a dedicated and growing team that every day, finds ways to connect people to each other and to the causes that they are passionate about.

We are a social enterprise based in beautiful Kelowna, BC. From our 3rd floor office, we engage in communities throughout Canada and the United States. As Change Gamers, we seek like-minded partners to work with, utilizing our platforms and tools to support their initiatives and assisting partners in uniting people to causes, charities, and organizations that are making a difference in the world.

Change Gamers has introduced its first product – the I CAN App. This interactive platform connects, educates, and empowers youth to change their world. Through campaigns, sponsorship, and engagement, the I CAN App challenges its members to discover causes and organizations, to take action to support them, and in turn inspire others to also make a difference.

We believe that there is opportunity to make a positive impact in this world.

We are innovators.  We are motivators.
We are creators. We are doers.

We believe that we can change the game.

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